Coal Mine Map

6 Proposed coal mines threaten our way of life.


Alaska is known for its spectacular landscapes, abundant wildlife, and healthy salmon fisheries. Unfortunately, six proposed coal mines in South-Central Alaska now threaten our way of life. Outside coal companies want to strip mine next to neighborhoods, and legislators are pushing a bill that would allow companies to mine directly through salmon streams. We need to stand together today to protect our Alaskan way of life, or risk losing it forever.

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Chuitna Coal Strip Mine

Salmon or coal?  The Chuitna River is located 45 miles west of Anchorage on the west side of the Cook Inlet and is teaming with all 5 species of wild salmon. PacRim Coal is proposing a giant strip mine – the largest in Alaska – that would directly mine through 11 miles of productive salmon streams that run into the Chuitna River.
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Wishbone Hill

Residential neighborhoods and open pit coal mines don’t mix.  The Matanuska Valley is home to Alaska’s most productive farmlands and is the fastest growing residential community in Alaska.  Usibelli’s proposed Wishbone Hill coal strip mine would operate within one mile from hundreds of families and threatens to turn this beautiful valley into Alaska’s open pit coal mining capitol.
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